Monday, 28 April 2014

Rosemary Hardy - Challenge 14

Rosemary Hardy

Debbie Taylor - Challenge 14

Debbie Taylor

Alison Newby - Challenge 14

Alison Newby

Shelagh Metselaar - Challenge 14

Shelagh Metselaar

·       Card:- Theuva, Co’oredinations Blue
·       Stamps:- Remountable Asia/Oriental set, Pagoda
·       Inkpad:- Adirondack Denim
·       Bamboo skewers
·       Promarker:- True Blue

·       Cut three 6cmx10.5cm panels of Theuva card
·       Using the Denim inkpad, stamp a lantern at the top right hand corner of one panel; (this will form the right hand panel) and the top left of another; (this will form the left hand panel). Stamp another lantern on a Post-it note and cut out to use as a mask.
·       Mask one of the lanterns and with the long flourish stamp, create a border around the panel. Repeat on second panel. Stamp a border around third panel; this will form the middle panel.
·       Make a mask of the Geisha on a Post-it note and cut it out.
·       Stamp the Geisha in the centre of each panel.
·       Mask the Geisha on each panel in turn and ink the Pagoda. Stamp over the masked Geisha.
·       Mask off the left edge of the right panel and the right edge of the left panel with plain Post-its. Mask Geisha. Stamp the Pagoda over.
·       Mat and layer onto Co’redinations card, each mat measuring 8cmx12 ½ cm.
·       Cut three panels of Theuva card measuring 10cmx14 ½ cm.
·       Ink the roof of the Pagoda and stamp to the second notch around each edge of each panel to create a frame. Mat Geisha images onto these.
·       Lightly sponge blotted Denim in the gaps of the images.
To assemble:-
·       Cut strips from the remaining blue Co’redinations. Adhere strips to the back of each panel and roll edges to create a small cylinder; 3 cylinders on each side of middle panel; 2 to the right hand side of left panel and 2 to left side of right panel.
·       Colour 2 bamboo skewers with True Blue Promarker and cut to size.
·       Thread through the cylinders to form an Oriental Screen.
·       To perfect the finish, using Theuva, I cut another 3 mats only fractionally larger all round than the matted image to cover the blue strips.

Vanessa Hann - Challenge 14

Vanessa Hann

Laurane Rhind - Challenge 14

Laurane Rhind

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lynne Bishop - Challenge 14

Lynne Bishop

Lynne has used parts of the Double Sprig Stencil with glitter texture paste around the edge. The roses were made from the New Design Club stamp and have been decoupaged. The butterfly was stamped onto blue vellum and lightly embossed with some of the middle sections being cut away.

Sharon Harris - Challenge 14

Sharon Harris

Margaret Hoyle - Challenge 14

Margaret Hoyle

Susan White - Challenge 14

Susan White

Susan has woven strips of Gelli prints for the background.

Julie Little - Challenge 14

Julie Little

Wendy Turner - Challenge 14

Wendy Turner

Wendy has used Adirondack Stream ink pad. There are Glossy Accents on the mermaid's tail and a little glitter for her jewels.

Eva Henninger - Challenge 14

Eva Henninger

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Margaret Rogers - Challenge 14

Margaret Rogers

Margaret used the winter trees and mantles to make her card.  The background was created using Adirondack inks in citrus, lettuce, meadow and bottle and the trees used bottle and lettuce.

The fence was created using Barbara's trick of stamping just a little of the tree trunk using pesto, and as I didn't have a micro pen the right colour, I used a watercolour pen to draw in the barbed wire.  The sheep were stamped using pesto and attached with glue dots.

Hope you like it.

Dawn Rogers - Challenge 14

Dawn Rogers