Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rosemary Hardy - Challenge 24

Rosemary Hardy

Moya Hill - Challenge 24

Moya Hill

I've used parchment for this challenge using the floral stencil and outlining the flowers in white ink and the borders in gold ink.  I then embossed the flowers to give them some definition and added some white and gold dots in the centre.  I cut out the areas in between the flowers with a craft knife rather than pricking and cutting.  I then did a parchment border using the angle tool and embossed a pattern and back with pink parchment and attached to the card with brads.

Dawn Rogers - Challenge 24

Dawn Rogers

Angela France - Challenge 24

Angela France

Carol Lee - Challenge 24

Carol Lee

Karen Illingworth - Challenge 24

Karen Illingworth

Margaret Hoyle - Challenge 24

Margaret Hoyle

Margaret Rogers - Challenge 24

Margaret Rogers