Thursday, 26 February 2015

Moya Hill - Challenge 24

Moya Hill

I've used parchment for this challenge using the floral stencil and outlining the flowers in white ink and the borders in gold ink.  I then embossed the flowers to give them some definition and added some white and gold dots in the centre.  I cut out the areas in between the flowers with a craft knife rather than pricking and cutting.  I then did a parchment border using the angle tool and embossed a pattern and back with pink parchment and attached to the card with brads.


  1. Ah Moya, a lady after my own heart. My first love was Parchment. I do like what you have done here. A lot of work and you have shown how versatile the stencil, Parchment and yourself are. Bes of luck in the challenge. xx

    1. p.s. Thank you for letting us know how you did this too. We do love to see how everyone has achieved their lovely artwork. xx

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  3. There is such a delicate beauty about parchment work, and I love this card Moya. I have never done this type of work myself, but I can imagine that a lot of work was needed to achieve such a great result. Thanks for entering the challenge, and good luck. Xx

  4. Simply stunning Moya. I also haven't ever done parchment techniques, it looks very delicate. Thanks for entering the challenge. x

  5. Moya wow. such delicate and careful cutting, resulting in a very lovely card. Thanks for entering the Clarity Challenge and good luck.


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