Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dawn Rogers - Challenge 24

Dawn Rogers


  1. "Where's the Clarity stamp?" do I hear you cry? - yes, the card is mainly die-cuts, plus washi tape that I didn't get quite right (first time of using) but the central point of my card is my "Yorkshire Rose", which is actually one of the Snowflake stamps painted with Liquid Pearls. Don't believe me? - take a look here:

    I saw this image as a stylised Yorkshire Rose on very firs viewing and was determined to try to colour it that way. I think I've been a little heavy-handed with my Liquid Pearls, so some of the detail has disappeared, but I'm glad I tried.

  2. Checked out your link and yes I can see the snowflake stamp. Must agree with you I see it as a Yorkshire rose as well even more so after your colouring. Not sure what washi tape is, I will have to do some research. x


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