Monday, 29 July 2013

Theresa Pace - Challenge 5

Theresa Pace


  1. Fabulous card Theresa! Love that shell frame!! Good luck in the challenge! X

    1. Thanks Jane. Enjoyed making that frame actually, although it was a lot of work. However the pic does not do it justice eg it doesn't show the shiny shoes or the twinkling sea. but you can't have everything :) x

  2. Super design, love the colours and the frame is fantastic! Good luck in the challenge x

  3. Great card Isobel out of the box thinking here. Loving the end of the pier show and a lovely frame. Good luck x

  4. But Theresa It really is such a fun Picture I think this is one of the nicest thing's you have done because it's so very different....Best of Luck in the Challenge xxx

  5. Super Teresa, unique and I mean that i a good way. Super frame, lots of cutting out, loads of interest. Thanks for entering the challenge and best of luck.

  6. Thank you ladies for all your generous and lovely comments. much appreciated xx


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