Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Alison Newby - Challenge 11

Alison Newby

This is my first entry for the challenge, having only recently joined the New Designs Club.  In fact this is my first ever totally designed and hand made card!

This theme was perfect for me since they were new stamps, for a new hobby, using a new (for me) technique, in a new year and this card was sent to a young lady starting out on a challenging new journey of her own.  Well it seemed like a plan!


  1. Hi Alison, welcome to a superb and totally enjoyable addiction. Hope you enjoy every minute and look forward to seeing more from you. Good luck and thanks for entering the challenge.

  2. Hiya Alison. Great Plan for a great card. It's a great club to be in (you will find yourself watching out for the postman each month). Good luck xxx

  3. Hi there Alison, well you can't get any more new than that can you. Congratulations of your first card and well done you for joining the NDC (you will soon be shortening it) you won't regret it the stamps/stencils are always great and the new design is brilliant. Your card is lovely I look forward to seeing future entries too. Good Luck with our Challenge. xx


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