Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Claire Littler - Challenge 11

Claire Littler

Claire's mum, Aileen, has sent in this artwork for her daughter who is 11 years old.  She has made it with one stamp and one stencil which she received as a present for Christmas and they are the only Clarity products she has so far.


  1. What a lovely card. Carries such a feeling of hope for new beginnings.

  2. Beautiful Claire and it just goes to show that you don't need a whole host of products to produce a lovely piece of art.
    Thank you for entering our Challenge and Hood Luck.

  3. Well done Claire! From small acorns! Stunning result! X.

  4. Congratulation Claire on your lovely card. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Hope you have had fun. Good luck.

  5. WOW what an eye she has for art. I almost feel like sending her a few more Stencils to see what she comes up with. Lovely card. Good Luck in our Challenge. Sam


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